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Pain Management


Our Pain Management Advice

Pain is obviously unpleasant, uncomfortable feeling and can vary from mild to acute pain. 

Pain is a signal from our bodies defence system alerting us that something is not right - thankfully in most cases we know the causes of the pain and we can manage the pain ourselves without the help of a medical professional.

We must stress the importance of seeking medical advice if you are unsure in any way of the pain, especially if the pain is re-occurring.

Headache Pain

The top three causes of headaches are sinus, tension and migraine.

Some of the most common causes of tension headaches are stress, tiredness, drinking too much alcohol, lack of nutrition, caffeine withdrawal, cessation of some medications, food allergy or intolerance

Common Medicine to relief sinus related headache pain are sudafed or sinutab  

Common Medicine to treat tension related headache pain are ParacetamolPanadol Extra and Nurofen Max Strength for day times, and Panadol Night or Paralief Night Tablets

To treat Migraine headache Excedrin is now available. 

Muscular Pain

The top four causes of muscular pain are:

• Tension

• Stress

• Over-use of muscles

• Exercising

Muscular pain best responds to anti-inflammatory medicine Ibuprofen.

The most common Ibuprofen in tablet form are Easofen 400mg or Nurofen Max Strength 400mg  

Heat patches can often help relief muscular pain especially in the neck and back area's, two common heat patch products are Thermacare Heat Patch and Nurofen Durance 200mg

Gel's are often used and can give relief from muscular pain throughout the day or night, the two most commonly used pain relief Gel's are Diclac Diclofenac and Voltarol Pain Relief






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