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Viagra Connect 50mg is now available to buy over the counter.


Viagra Connect Pill 120


Viagra Connect is a proven treatment for erection problems in men who are aged 18 years and above.

Viagra is a brand name for the medicine known as sildenafil. It can help to get an erection for sex and stay hard enough for sex.


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Since when can I buy Viagra in Ireland?

Viagra can be purchased in Ireland without prescription from 25th January 2021.

Before you purchase you must complete a consultation form to ensure it is suitable for you.


Who is Viagra Connect for?

It is only intended for men over 18 who are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) and who are receiving treatment for this condition.


Who Should Not Take Viagra Connect?

If you have a health condition or are taking medication that may interact - the application form is a guide to help - if in doubt you must consult your GP.


What is the maximum daily dosage of Viagra Connect (sildenafil) ?

The maximum daily dosage is 50mg. Do not exceed daily dosage.

Take 1 tablet 1 hour before sex.


How does Viagra Connect work?

Viagra Connect relaxes the blood vessels of the penis so more blood can flow into
it. That means you can get an erection when you’re sexually aroused.

After sex, your erection will go away as it would normally.


Are there common side effects after taking Viagra Connect?

It is fairly common to experience a slight headache, it should not last too long.


For a full list of side effects please refer to the product information leaflet or refer the Health Products Regulatory Authority document:


HPRA Viagra info 


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