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Sensi Kin Mouthwash 250mlSensi Kin Mouthwash 250ml


Sensi Kin Mouthwash is a powerful choice for dental sensitivity. Formulated with 5% Potassium Nitrate and 1450ppm Sodium Fluoride.

Sensi Kin Mouthwash contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to protect and invigorate the gums and Vitamin E with anti-inflammatory properties to regenerate the gingivital tissues.

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Sensi Kin is an Alcohol-FREE mouthwash.

Sensi Kin Mouthwash can be used for:

* Situations of dental hypersensitivity.

* Teeth sensitive to cold and hot stimuli

* Preventing dental caries - tooth decay and cavities.

* Maintenance of healthy gum.

Potassium Nitrate 5% depolarises the nervous cell membrane avoiding the transmission of the hypersensitivity. Crytallises, thus blocking dentinal tubules and avoiding the movements of fluid that produce hypersensitivity.

Sodium Fluoride 0.32% (1450 ppm) Remineralises dental enamel and blocks dentinal tubules, thus avoiding the movements of fluid that produce hypersensitivity.

How to use:

Brush teeth at least twice a day for 2 to 3 minutes, ideally after meals and before bedtime. For best results, after brushing with Sensi Kin Toothpaste, rinse for 1 minute with Sensi Kin Mouthwash.

Alcohol FREE Mouthwash - No burning sensation or irritation to mucosa.


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Customer Reviews

I’ve ordered from this pharmacy a few times and have been so happy with the products and speed at which they are delivered.

Orlagh F, Dublin 15

Couldn't recommend this pharmacy more. Emie is so helpful and friendly. She went above and beyond for me when I had awful break outs on my skin. I would highly recommend talking to her if you suffer with acne or any skin issues.

Niamh, Kildare

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